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Five beginner hindi guitar songs tabs

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Most of these easy tunes of hindi songs can be played on a single string of the guitar. These songs with basic notes of the lead tab exclude complicated guitaring techniques like hammer, pull etc...just easy and simple.

With little practice (and patience :) beginners can learn to play leads and tunes of these basic songs on guitar. To learn some basic skills please refer to hindi guitar lessons link on the left. These guitar lessons has been specifically designed for beginners looking to play simple bollywood songs quickly.

Here the best of the best top 5 easy hindi song guitar tunes or leads with notes on guitar fret for beginners. To learn hindi songs that can be played on guitar with beginner chords go to the link below of Best Indian Guitar Songs Chords.

easy hindi tune for guitar lead notes

Midi and Guitar Pro (gp3, gp4, gp5) will be useful for beginner since the songs can be played at a slower tempo. Some free midi players can mute all tracks except the leading guitar tab, so that you can learn which notes are played. It is also possible to change scale so that you can play the melody tune at low and high scale with variations. Pretty soon it would be possible to isolate audio from each instrument in a piece of music in a CD and reverse engineer to get only guitar sound.

Here you will find easy hindi guitar tabs for beginners. These are the easiet hindi songs to play on guitar which at the same time are quite popular. This also are guitar chords of most easy hindi songs that can be played on guitar by a beginner. These hindi guitar tabs for beginners also have youtube video to learn these songs. Once you learn the pattern you can practice these hindi guitar songs on any string 1st - 6th on any other indian scale. Below are beginner easy hindi guitar tabs for five songs. Some of the intermediate notes have been dropped to make the guitar chords and tabs easy for these indian songs. Usually people are not looking for simplest or easiest indian song to play on guitar, but famous and hit songs that can be played on guitar in a simple and easy way. The trick is to play these superhit classic songs from bollywood movies in a way that it is easy and simple for the guitar learner to play it within a short time.

With videos these comprise a good guitar lesson for these famous classic hindi songs with acoustic guitar. These bollywood easy tab songs for guitar also have simple basic intro guitar piece and ending. Thanks to various folks who contributed parts of the guitar chords and tabs to make these famous hindi songs with easier chords and leads to play either lead/tune or sing along.

The guitar lessons and tutorial with video of chords and tabs should enable you to learn how to play these easy hindi movie songs on guitar.

Song Movie Download
Pehli Nazar Mein Race Available
Mein Koi Aisa Geet Gaaon Yes Boss Available
Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam DDLJ Available
Maa Taare Zameen Par  
Humko Sirf Tumse Pyar Hai Barsat Available



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