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Free Online Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner

There are few ways to tune a guitar. Having a tuned guitar can make a big difference on how it will sound when you play. Experience guitarists can just tell by the sound of a chord whether the guitar is properly tuned or not. Some people are good at recongnizing the changes in pitch, but this is something you can learn by practice. Training your ear is very important if you want to play with other people. You can tune the guitar by:

  • Using the guitar itself (This will lead to relative tuning) - If you are playing alone it does not matter. The thing to understand here is if you are playing a song which is in certain scale (lets say Am) and if you have not tuned your guitar with standard notes, the song will be at somewhat different pitch then original. But if the guitar is tuned perfectly, the song will still be melodious since only the relative position of notes is changed. Instead of standard way you can also use harmonics for perfect tuning.
  • Using a electronic tuner, keyboard or any other instrument - In this case you play the notes EBGDAE and by hearing this notes you tune each string turn by turn. In this case the guitar is tuned to standard notes and two people playing a song in same scale will sound exactly the same. Below you will find an electronic tuner to tune your guitar. You can also use your mobile phone if it has midi capabilities.
  • Using a electronic tuner / software which tells you the note - This will exactly tell you the note which you are playing and how much far you are wrt to the note. This is easiest since you don´t need to hear it, the tuner or softare will tell you if its off. You can use this method in the beginning when you start since it takes a bit of time to develop your ear.


I am assuming that you can tune the guitar when the note is played. This is quite handy as it can play to note or tone continiously. You can set the delay and check all string in order. The second box metronome is used to keep the timing. You can even set some beats to play the songs with rhythm.



Learning a correct sense of timing is one of the biggest step if would like to play with other people. Being able to feel the beat and timing is essential to playing songs and riffs. If you dance to a beat or have played any percussion instrument banjo, table, drums (also banging desks in college) you will have a sense of rhythm. The difficulty becomes how to keep up with speed while changing notes and/or chords in the begining. Always practice with a slower tempo and start increasing once you become comfortable at the slower pace. Metronome is quite useful to keep track of timing when you busy figuring out the notes and positioning your fingers to play. Below is a metronome you can use to keep the timing. You can even set some beats to play the songs with rhythm.



Simple Drum Beat