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Guitar Basics
-Mastering Fretboard
-Strumming Patterns
Using Midi
Guitar Softwares
Guitar Pro for Hindi Songs
Chord Book of Hindi Songs
Forming a Band
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Free Hindi Guitar Lessons

The guitar lessons here are aimed at an adult learning the guitar. The learning process explained here is aimed at a complete beginner with no musical background; however it requires a greater motivation and patience. More than 90% of people who pick up guitar after the age of 18 give up after few months and never reach their potential. Gitar is not one of the simplest instruments and if your level of motivation is not high enough then do not start.

In the beginning it can be an overwhelming to find so many resources on the internet. You need to stick to the sequence of steps below. I am assuming your main aim is to play few hindi songs with chords and sing along.

These modules will illustrate the tutorial with hindi guitar video lessons.


  1. Choosing the Right Guitar

    If your main aim is to play bollywood songs on guitar then at the beginning I would suggest getting a acoustic guitar, hollow one. Hobner, Gibson or any other brand is fine.. (Link to the lesson)

  2. Tips for Buying a Guitar - Second Hand or New

    Take your friend or someone who plays guitar well. As a beginner it is better to ask someone for help in getting a guitar for you. There are quite a few considerations when you buy a guitar - overall condition, neck joins to the body and head of the guitar, how close the strings are to the fretboard all the way down to the bridge, intonation of the strings, sound of the guitar, feel of the guitar...... Don´t stretch your budget, when you reach a certain level in module 3, I will give more tips... (Link to the lesson)

  3. Guitar body, anatomy, fretboard and type of strings

    Google it. For beginners I would recommend nylon strings

  4. Guitar Tuning, Using a Tuner

    Tuning a guitar also needs tuning your ears to feel when the two notes are in unision and when they are close to resonance. Its better to lower the pitch (Going from thickest string down) so that you don´t accidently cause the tension to rise so much that the string breaks down... (Link to the lesson)

  5. Basic Music Scales and reading Tabs

    If you are completely new to music and cannot hum a song with correct pitch, you will need to put a bit more effort to understand the concept of scales. For beginners learning guitar who have no musical background, I strongly suggest first learning harmonica (mouth organ) to understand and feel the melody. Harmonic is a fairly simple instrument and with practice you should be able to play some simple songs within a month. . (Link to the lesson)

  6. Using Metronome, Capo


Module 1

  1. Guitar Basics (Why Guitar?) - Your motivation

  2. Your Musical background - Understanding your beginning level (Melody, Harmony & Rhythm)

  3. Your Goal - How much time will it take me to play "The Song" like you

  4. Basic lesson - Understanding notes on guitar fretboard

  5. Basic Lesson - Choosing the right plectrum (to start with - ..)

  6. Basic Lesson - Playing scales and simple lead tunes on a single string (Increasing speed)

  7. Basic Lesson - Playing scales and lead tunes/tabs on multiple string (Increasing speed)

  8. Basic Lesson - Tuning your guitar perfectly with harmonics

  9. Intermediate Lesson - Mastering Fretboard - Playing notes and tunes anywhere

Module 2

  1. The Rhythmic You - Understanding your sense of timing (very important for strumming)

    1. Strumming is like dancing or shall we say like playing a percussion instruments
    2. Your Karaoke Skills
  2. Rhythm Basics - Practicing tunes with Metronome

  3. Basic Lesson - Understanding Chords - Basic Music Theory

  4. Understanding musical notation (Optional)

  5. Basic Lesson - Playing Open Chords

  6. Finger Tip and Hand Excercise to help perfecting the open chords/Barre Chords

  7. Basic Lesson - Simple rhythmic strumming patterns with open chords


Module 3

  1. Intermediate Lesson - Understaning and Playing Barre Chords

  2. Intermediate Lesson - Transposing scale and chords to suit your style and pitch

  3. Intermediate Lession - Strumming Patterns with Barre Chords (Playing percussion on guitar)

  4. Advanced Lesson - How to decipher perfect chords of any song

  5. Intermediate Lesson - Playing chords and Leads with rhythm at the same time (instrumental)

  6. Guitar with other basic instruments - Mouth Organ (Harmonica), Flute, Bongo

  7. Advanced Lesson - Speed Play with all effects

Module 4 (Forming a Band)