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Best Hindi Guitar Songs Chords

Chords of Best Hindi Guitar Songs

Indian movies are known for their music and songs. Bollywood produces more songs than any other film or music industry world wide. Though you can play all these songs on guitar but most of them do not sound that great because of number of other instruments used by the musicians to give a rich composition. If you are learning to play hindi songs on guitar its best to first learn the songs that sound great and are easy to play. We have simplified your search by making this list of indian songs on guitar with their chords and tabs which are truly the best guitar songs. Whether you are a beginner who wishes to play something that sounds great in a short time or you would like to learn the chords and tabs of the new bollywood songs this is the right place.

The notation of the chords together with the lyrics is available for download in printable pdf format or as a document if you wish to make edits. Together with the accompanying video from youtube they are the best guitar lessons for hindi songs existing on the internet. This makes it the best site for learning how to play bollywood songs guitar chords with strumming patterns and video all at one place. You can also dowload the guitar code, the guitar song notations and video for these hindi songs.

These are best hindi songs for acoustic guitar you should learn to play on guitar. Below are list of five Top, hit hindi songs you should learn to play on guitar. These indian bollywood chord progressions are used in lot of other hindi songs too. I plan to update this list of best bollywood guitar songs and best indian pop guitar songs.

Below are top famous hindi guitar songs with chords and tabs.

5 All Time Classics Hindi Song Guitar Chords and Video Lesson

Lets start with the classic top or lets say super hit hindi guitar songs. These are quite famous and popular hindi film guitar songs which every guitarist plays at some point of time. Each song page has the full chords the lead tabs of the intro tune which can be downloaded in pdf or document format, link to guitar pro files and best hindi guitar video available on the internet.

Song Movie Download
Neele Neele Amber Par   Available
Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko   Available
Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam   Available
Chand Mera Dil   Available
Jaane Jaan Dhoondhta Phir   Available


5 New Super Hit Bollywood Songs with Guitar Chords and Video Guitar Lesson

The next list of five new songs are from the hindi movies. These new bollywood guitar songs are selected so that even without any accompanying instruments they just sound great. Below are the guitar chords of hit bollywood songs from new indian films. You may find different set of chords for these songs at other places, and there are variations depending on who is deciphering and the level of the guitarist. The chords below are selected so that the overall effect of singing and playing together produces a rich composition. Each song page has a link to pdf download of new hindi songs guitar chords.

Song Movie Download
Tum Ho Toh Rock on Available
Maa Taare Zameen Par Available
Pehli Nazar Mein Race Available
Roobaroo Rang De Basanti Available
Tum Se Hi Jab We Met Available


5 Easy and Simple Hindi Guitar Songs for Beginners with Video Guitar Lesson

Even if you are a beginner and can only play few simple and easy open chords on guitar, you can still play these hindi songs. As you progress in your learning you can play intermediate version of these songs. Here is list of simple to play bollywood songs on a easier scale with chords. These are more of a guitar tutorial of indian songs with pdf download and video showing how to play the chords.

Song Movie Download

bollywood guitar songs


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