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At Indian-Guitar-Chords-Tabs.Org we aim to to be the best place to learn hindi songs on guitar. You learn from self taught passionate guitarists, who have been there and done that......the nitty gritty details which can in short time bring you to a new level...correcting some not so obvious mistakes...the right way to learn....and ofcourse impressing someone special :)


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Updated List of Bollywood Movie Songs - Hindi Acoustic Guitar Chords & Tabs

Here is the list of hindi bollywood songs on acoustic guitar with chords, tabs and strumming pattern. It is divided into different categories. First is the hindi film classic guitar songs which every beginner should learn. These musical compositions in bollywood movies with guitar in lead are simply superb. These are my best hindi guitar songs with both chords and tabs.
The second category is the easy bollywood songs on guitar with chords, progression with strumming pattern & tabs, leads which is like playing a tune on the guitar. You will find both guitar tabs or lead and chords for hindi songs. You can either play hindi tunes on guitar with guitar leads or tune or you can sing along with the chords of latest bollywood songs. With videos you can learn hindi guitar songs at your own pace.

I recommend first starting to play lead guitar of hindi movie song with the notes, tabs or leads. After learning a few songs you can started learning chords of some of latest bollywood movie songs.

Chords of Best Hindi Guitar Songs

Indian movies are known for their music and songs. Bollywood produces more songs than any other film or music industry world wide. Though you can play all these songs on guitar but most of them do not sound that great because of number of other instruments used by the musicians to give a rich composition. If you are learning to play hindi songs on guitar its best to first learn the songs that sound great and are easy to play. We have simplified your search by making this list of indian songs on guitar with their chords and tabs which are truly the best guitar songs. Whether you are a beginner who wishes to play something that sounds great in a short time or you would like to learn the chords and tabs of the new bollywood songs this is the right place. But lets start with the classic top hindi guitar songs. These are quite popular hindi guitar songs and you can easily find quite a few videos on youtube.

These are best hindi songs for acoustic guitar you should learn to play on guitar. Below are list of five Top, hit hindi songs you should learn to play on guitar. These indian bollywood chord progressions are used in lot of other hindi songs too. I plan to update this list of best bollywood guitar songs and best indian pop guitar songs.

Below are top famous hindi guitar songs with chords and tabs.

5 All Time Classics Hindi Song Guitar Chords and Video Lesson

Lets start with the classic top or lets say super hit hindi guitar songs. These are quite famous and popular hindi film guitar songs which every guitarist plays at some point of time. Each song page has the full chords the lead tabs of the intro tune which can be downloaded in pdf or document format, link to guitar pro files and best hindi guitar video available on the internet.

Song Movie Download
Neele Neele Amber Par   Available
Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko   Available
Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam   Available
Chand Mera Dil   Available
Jaane Jaan Dhoondhta Phir   Available

5 New Super Hit Bollywood Songs with Guitar Chords and Video Guitar Lesson

The next list of five new latest songs are from the new hindi movies. These new bollywood guitar songs are selected so that even without any accompanying instruments they just sound great. Below are the guitar chords of hit bollywood songs from new indian films. You may find different set of chords for these songs at other places, and there are variations depending on who is deciphering and the level of the guitarist. The chords below are selected so that the overall effect of singing and playing together produces a rich composition. Each song page has a link to pdf download of new hindi songs guitar chords.

These new bollywood guitar songs are selected so that even without any accompanying instruments they just sound great. Below are the chords of these new indian films. Strumming pattern and rhythm is also explained in the video so that you learn to play these indian songs on guitar the correct way.

Song Movie Download
Tum Ho Toh Rock on Available
Maa Taare Zameen Par Available
Pehli Nazar Mein Race Available
Roobaroo Rang De Basanti Available
Tum Se Hi Jab We Met Available

5 Easy and Simple Hindi Guitar Songs for Beginners with Video Guitar Lesson

Even if you are a beginner and can only play few simple and easy open chords on guitar, you can still play these hindi songs. As you progress in your learning you can play intermediate version of these songs. Here is list of simple to play bollywood songs on a easier scale with chords. These are more of a guitar tutorial of indian songs with pdf download and video showing how to play the chords.

Here is the list of easy hindi guitar songs. You just canīt wait to play some indian music on guitar. The songs selected below have very simple chords. Even an absolute beginner who can play few basic chords can enjoy playing these hindi movie songs on guitar.

Song Movie Download

Tabs/Notes/Tunes/Lead of Best Hindi Guitar Songs

If you are only to play hindi tunes on guitar the selection of best indian guitar songs becomes easier because the tunes can be played on all instruments in the same way. The tune of the song is the notes which the singer is going through with his/her voice. Here are tabs for tunes of bollywood songs on guitar. As before we start with the classic indian guitar tunes. In this selection you not only find how to play hindi song lead guitar tabs/notes but also the chords, and it therefore becomes a melodious instrumental track.

Song Movie Download
Ek Haeeina Thi    
Ajeeb Daasta Hai Yeh    
Chookar Mere Man Ko    
Do Lafzon Ki Hai    

Next comes the list of new bollywood guitar music. These desi tunes can be propped up with guitar chords to add some rhythm and make them sound beautiful compared to just playing the tune on the guitar. Below the tabs of new hindi guitar songs

Song Movie Download
Khuda Jaane   Available
Maa   Available
Pal Pal Har Pal    


Here is how to play hindi tunes of movie songs on guitar for beginners. These are simple and can be played on a single string at low speed. After a little practicing you can increase the tempo. Below easy hindi guitar notes. These show the guitar fret where the notes are played the notation and audio is produced by realistic sound engine.

Here you will find easy hindi guitar tabs for beginners. These are the easiet hindi songs to play on guitar which at the same time are quite popular. This also are guitar chords of most easy hindi songs that can be played on guitar by a beginner. These hindi guitar tabs for beginners also have youtube video to learn these songs. Once you learn the pattern you can practice these hindi guitar songs on any string 1st - 6th on any other indian scale. Below are beginner easy hindi guitar tabs for five songs. Some of the intermediate notes have been dropped to make the guitar chords and tabs easy for these indian songs. Usually people are not looking for simplest or easiest indian song to play on guitar, but famous and hit songs that can be played on guitar in a simple and easy way. The trick is to play these superhit classic songs from bollywood movies in a way that it is easy and simple for the guitar learner to play it within a short time.

With videos these comprise a good guitar lesson for these famous classic hindi songs with acoustic guitar. These bollywood easy tab songs for guitar also have simple basic intro guitar piece and ending. Thanks to various folks who contributed parts of the guitar chords and tabs to make these famous hindi songs with easier chords and leads to play either lead/tune or sing along.

Song Movie Download
Pehli Nazar Mein Race Available
Mein Koi Aisa Geet Gaaon Yes Boss Available
Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam DDLJ Available
Maa Taare Zameen Par  
Humko Sirf Tumse Pyar Hai Barsat Available

Download pdf Bollywood Song ChordBook of classic and famous songs

The chord book represents work in progress. The first version with 15 best guitar songs will be released soon. The first 500 signups will recieve this chord book free. If you would like to recieve this Hindi Guitar Song Chordbook free please sign up above.

This guitar chords book for hindi songs contains 15 classic songs. The hindi chord progression is used in lot of other songs too. The hindi song chord book has guitar chords and tabs (lead or tune) book for hindi bollywood songs. Some common patterns chord progressions and strumming pattern are evident in this chordbook. You can learn to play  guitar for these best songs of hindi music with videos at your own pace.

In the ebook you will find the "best(?)" chords of hindi guitar songs. You will find many variations if you search on the internet. There is as such no right or wrong versions and guiartists do improvise the chords and strumming pattern to suit there style. To illustrate my point listen to the two videos below at the bottom of this page with quite different styles but both are awsome.

Hindi Guitar Lessons for Bollywood Songs

The guitar lessons here are aimed at an adult learning the guitar. The learning process explained here is aimed at a complete beginner with no musical background; however it requires a greater motivation and patience. More than 90% of people who pick up guitar after the age of 18 give up after few months and never reach their potential. Gitar is not one of the simplest instruments and if your level of motivation is not high enough then do not start.

In the beginning it can be an overwhelming to find so many resources on the internet. You need to stick to the sequence of steps below. I am assuming your main aim is to play few hindi songs with chords and sing along.

These modules will illustrate the tutorial with hindi guitar video lessons.


  1. Choosing the Right Guitar

    If your main aim is to play bollywood songs on guitar then at the beginning I would suggest getting a acoustic guitar, hollow one. Hobner, Gibson or any other brand is fine.. (Link to the lesson)

  2. Tips for Buying a Guitar - Second Hand or New

    Take your friend or someone who plays guitar well. As a beginner it is better to ask someone for help in getting a guitar for you. There are quite a few considerations when you buy a guitar - overall condition, neck joins to the body and head of the guitar, how close the strings are to the fretboard all the way down to the bridge, intonation of the strings, sound of the guitar, feel of the guitar...... Don´t stretch your budget, when you reach a certain level in module 3, I will give more tips... (Link to the lesson)

  3. Guitar body, anatomy, fretboard and type of strings

    Google it. For beginners I would recommend nylon strings

  4. Guitar Tuning, Using a Tuner

    Tuning a guitar also needs tuning your ears to feel when the two notes are in unision and when they are close to resonance. Its better to lower the pitch (Going from thickest string down) so that you don´t accidently cause the tension to rise so much that the string breaks down... (Link to the lesson)

  5. Basic Music Scales and reading Tabs

    If you are completely new to music and cannot hum a song with correct pitch, you will need to put a bit more effort to understand the concept of scales. For beginners learning guitar who have no musical background, I strongly suggest first learning harmonica (mouth organ) to understand and feel the melody. Harmonic is a fairly simple instrument and with practice you should be able to play some simple songs within a month. . (Link to the lesson)

  6. Using Metronome, Capo


Module 1

  1. Guitar Basics (Why Guitar?) - Your motivation

  2. Your Musical background - Understanding your beginning level (Melody, Harmony & Rhythm)

  3. Your Goal - How much time will it take me to play "The Song" like you

  4. Basic lesson - Understanding notes on guitar fretboard

  5. Basic Lesson - Choosing the right plectrum (to start with - ..)

  6. Basic Lesson - Playing scales and simple lead tunes on a single string (Increasing speed)

  7. Basic Lesson - Playing scales and lead tunes/tabs on multiple string (Increasing speed)

  8. Basic Lesson - Tuning your guitar perfectly with harmonics

  9. Intermediate Lesson - Mastering Fretboard - Playing notes and tunes anywhere

Module 2

  1. The Rhythmic You - Understanding your sense of timing (very important for strumming)

    1. Strumming is like dancing or shall we say like playing a percussion instruments
    2. Your Karaoke Skills
  2. Rhythm Basics - Practicing tunes with Metronome

  3. Basic Lesson - Understanding Chords - Basic Music Theory

  4. Understanding musical notation (Optional)

  5. Basic Lesson - Playing Open Chords

  6. Finger Tip and Hand Excercise to help perfecting the open chords/Barre Chords

  7. Basic Lesson - Simple rhythmic strumming patterns with open chords


Module 3

  1. Intermediate Lesson - Understaning and Playing Barre Chords

  2. Intermediate Lesson - Transposing scale and chords to suit your style and pitch

  3. Intermediate Lession - Strumming Patterns with Barre Chords (Playing percussion on guitar)

  4. Advanced Lesson - How to decipher perfect chords of any song

  5. Intermediate Lesson - Playing chords and Leads with rhythm at the same time (instrumental)

  6. Guitar with other basic instruments - Mouth Organ (Harmonica), Flute, Bongo

  7. Advanced Lesson - Speed Play with all effects

Module 4 (Forming a Band)

Playing Chords

Once you have got understanding of scales and can play tune (notes, lead) of few songs at different places on the fretboard, its time to start playing chords. Start with the simplest open chords and focus on playing them correctly and changing at faster pace before jumping to barre chords. You may also use capo if you have big hands or thick fingers.

How to play chords:

  • Make sure your fingernails are short. If you have long nails then tip of the fingertip will not press the strings with right pressure. Also your fingertips will not be perpendicular to the fretboard and may interfere with other strings
  • The finger tip should be perpendicular to the fretboard and tip should press the string in the middle of the fret. Yes in the begining it will not be easy, it will pain and you might even get blisters if the distance between string and fretboard is not optimal. With time the tips will get hardened.
  • The thumb should be at the back of the neck. This will give you fingers support and also help keeping fingers from interfering with other strings.
  • Try playing simple chords like Em, A. Feel yourself the guitar and adjust in a way you find comfortable. There is no universal rule.

Changing Chords:

Everyone without exception has gone through the stage of frustration when changing chords, so don´t worry. With practice you WILL get better.

  • Don´t expect to make progress fast. Start with the simplest chords, lets say C, Am, G
  • Play very slowly but maintain the same tempo. Lets say in the beginning you can play one chord every three seconds. Try playing chords accurately slowly. At this stage accuracy is the most important thing.
  • Slowly increase the speed. Don´t go faster if you not able to maintain accuracy
  • Move to chords which are farther away and repear the above steps. Slowly your fingers will start to remember the patterns and move in unision to occupy the fret.

Once you take step towards Barre chords, changing becomes faster since the pattern remains the same, you only move your hand up or down. Discipline is very important, and you should be playing everyday, even if for 30 minutes:

  • Practice daily with shorter sessions rather than a long one once a week
  • Find somebody to play with even if the other person plays some other instrument
  • Set time aside for each part. Spend time on melody (playing tune, lead, notes or tabs), harmony and rhythm. Also in the begining start playing different scales, songs every two week. You will start understanding basic patterns. You ear and comprehension will also increase
  • .....

Download Beginner Vedio Lesson in different formats (Experimental): iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone, Flash (flv, swf), avi, mp4

mein-koi-aisa-geet-gaaon-bollywood-song-guitar-leads.wmv, mein-koi-aisa-geet-gaaon-guitar-hindi-note.mp4, mein-koi-aisa-geet-gaaon-hindi-guitar-tabs.flv, mein-koi-(browser)-aisa-geet-gaaon-indian-guitar-tune.swf, mein-koi-aisa-geet-gaaon-lead-tune-guitar-tabs.avi, pehli-nazar-mein-bollywood-song-guitar-leads.wmv, pehli-nazar-mein-guitar-hindi-note.mp4, pehli-nazar-mein-hindi-guitar-tabs.flv, pehli-nazar-mein-indian-(browser)-guitar-tune.swf, pehli-nazar-mein-lead-tune-guitar-tabs.avi